Data Back-up & Recovery

Back-up your data before disaster strikes

Why should you back-up your data?

Backing up your data can be the dividing line between success and failure when it comes down to losing data. Imagine your company or home computers crash, only to find out you have lost all of your sensitive data and information or memories such as photos, documents, videos etc.

How can this happen?

Data loss can happen to even the best of us if we are not diligent enough to create back-ups of our important files. A loss of data can happen from the following:

  • Power Surges
  • Hackers / Identity Theft
  • Trojan Viruses / Spyware / Malware etc.
  • Computer Crashes

Has disaster struck you?

No need to worry, if the worst has come and you have lost important files or documents. We may be able to help. We have the power to recover lost data and files on most occasions, we can take a look at your computer and see what we can do to help you re-gain the lost information.

Don’t let this happen to you!